If there is one thing that you may want to change in 2017 is how much you pay for a certain utility that many households subscribe to.

A local watchdog agency, the Citizen Utility Board, says that a large percentage of Illinois residents are paying too much for cable and satellite TV. The organization was in Rockford a few weeks ago speaking to concerned citizens about how much they pay for TV.

If you are pulling your hair wondering what to do next, here are some simple steps to take which will ease your wallet down the road.

1. If you don't watch many channels, reduce your package and quit paying for the channels you don't watch.

2. Compare your service with other providers. There are other choices, like satellite tv.

3. Do what most people are doing and that is going with online service. Subscribe to Roku, Netflix, or Sling TV.

This is a disturbing number. Seventy-five percent of people who were surveyed by the CUB say they pay too much for TV. That is a large number and that is why CUB wants to make sure you are aware of choices. Brian McDaniel spoke to WIFR TV

"We had a survey that showed a large number of people really aren't happy with their cable service or their bill. What we try to do is get people good information which is hard to come by nowadays"

Do you think that we pay too much for Cable and Satellite TV? Let your voice be heard.