I love Kip Moore, that's no secret, I tell you guys that almost everyday.

But then I got to thinking, I wonder if there's any little known facts about my lovely bicep barring gravely voice, snapback wearing artist.

So, let me ask you, "How much do you know about Kip Moore?"

Did you know:

That he lived in a shack with a buddy in Hawaii he rented out for $50 bucks a month?He did. Kip and a friend after college hopped a plane to Hawaii with no other plans than to go there. They lived there for six months. So ladies, he's a bit wild in that spontaneous sexy way.

He's been dubbed as the "Hillbilly Springsteen". I would prefer to call him the Country Springsteen...but yeah I can see why he's been called that, with his sexy gravely voice and Highway driving tunes. By the way I love Springsteen too.

He's a jock. Not only can he surf, which he learn and did while living in Hawaii, but he played point guard for Wallace State and went to Valdosta State on a golf scholarship. Oh  and he loves to Rock climbing. Well I guess that explains his awesome guns he's always showing off.

He's tough and stubborn. Early on when his career took off with "Something 'bout a Truck" he opened several days for Billy Currington while having strep throat. Ouch! Singing with a feeling of a cockle bur in your throat sounds awful.

His song "Hey Pretty Girl" came about as he watched a former wild band-mate of his settle down when he got married then continued as his family grew to include a daughter. So Ladies not only is Kip a realist, he's a softie, sentimental guy too. Only one more thing to love about him.

"Something about a Truck" is Kip's real life growing up in Tifton, GA. So he's a true southern and Georgia Boy ladies. I'm alright with that.

He loves crispy creme donuts. He could polish off a whole box if he let himself.

His favorite boy band was Milli Vanilla, yep even though they lip synced he still liked them. Well Kip, I gotta admit I liked them too.

He doesn't mind going to restaurants, movies or other places alone. He told Life and Style Magazine,  "that's the best way to discover who you are when you're alone." I do that too.

He missed his chance with his celebrity crush Shania Twain. Shortly after her divorce, Kip met her at the CMA's and he became completely tongued tied, he can't even remember what he said to her, only remembers seeing her walk away. Oh no... well too bad for Shania, but good news for us girls.

He doesn't do selfies. Any "selfies" you see of Kip were taken by someone else. Haha! I'm the same way. Hmmm... just another similarity I have with Kip.

Motown is his favorite music.

He cried in Castaway when Wilson died. Yes, I cried too for Tom Hanks. Admit it you did to. Aww, just another endearing quality about our tough guy, he's gt a heart too.

Ok, so now let me ask you again. How well did you know Kip Moore? He's a pretty awesome guy. Or at least I think so.

If you want to read more about Kip visit the links Life and Style Magazine or Sheknows.com.

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Good luck!