One of Rockford's premier local Italian restaurants has made it big.

Known for it's famous pasta, pizza and salad, Lino's will get a feature spot on a popular Chicago TV show in August. The show is called Chicago's Best and airs on WGN-TV.

The show spotlights hosts Brittney & Elliott who taste their way through the city and suburbs in search of what is normally Chicago's "best bites".

The crew from Chicago's Best traveled a bit out of it's way to make it to Rockford to spotlight Lino's. The crew filmed the episode on Wednesday Night. On it's Facebook page, Lino's commented:

Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to see the show on August 21st!!

It's great to see this Rockford food treasure get some great exposure in a major TV market.

We can't wait to see the episode, I'm sure it will make me hungry.