Lake Michigan has been hiding a secret. It has it's own coral reef.

Forget about deep sea diving into the coral reefs off the barrier islands and such, you can actually check out a hidden gem of a reef right here in Chicago in our side of Lake Michigan.

DNA Info reports that group of researchers from the Shedd Aquarium "ventured off the shore of Hyde Park to Morgan Shoal, a rocky outcrop in Lake Michigan that holds the sunken ship "Silver Spray", along with a lot of of fish and some really hard-to-find creatures." they say it's "as close to a wild coral reef habitat that the city has."

Wow! Who knew? I certainly didn't. Did you?

Check this out!

Well that's pretty cool. Coral reefs, different fish and plant life along with a remains of a shipwreck, who doesn't like that?

All this time we, Illinoisans had something rather cool lurking beneath our lake waters.

It makes me want to go see it and I don't like even being underwater. Now that's saying something. HA!