A 12-year-old Keith Urban fan got the concert keepsake of a lifetime at a recent Urban gig in Delaware, when the country superstar gave him the guitar right off his back.

Rocco Alessandro attends seventh grade in Camden, Del., and his unforgettable concert experience happened at Urban's show at the BB&T Pavilion on Aug. 26.

Rocco was at the show with his parents, Nick Alessandro and Beth Canalichio, and according to the Delaware State News, Urban was in the middle of playing his hit "You Look Good in My Shirt" when the singer-songwriter and guitarist noticed a sign that the 12-year-old was holding above his head, reading, “Hi Mr. Keith, I’m just learning to play !!!guitar!!"

The bright green sign featured a hand-drawn guitar under the message, and when Urban saw it, he promptly took off the electric guitar that he was playing, wiped it down, signed it with a gold-colored marker and climbed down from the stage to personally hand it to Alessandro, giving the young musician a hug before resuming his performance. Check out the unforgettable moment in the video above.

“I didn’t feel anything because I was so shocked,” the boy tells the State News. “I held onto the guitar so tight, it hurt my hands. I was very happy. I was tickled because my mom wouldn’t stop crying.”

It turns out that his mom is a huge fan and has attended several Urban concerts in the past, so she knew of his penchant for giving away guitars. She encouraged her son to make a special sign to catch the star's attention.

“I’ve always wanted to play electric guitar and I thought maybe I had a chance that he would give me one of his since he gives one away at every show,” Rocco says. “The night before [the concert] I couldn’t sleep because I was trying to figure out what to write on my sign.”

He's been playing drums since he was 5, and just started taking guitar lessons a week before the concert. He prizes the guitar, but he doesn't plan on hanging it up on the wall to look at like a trophy.

“I plan on playing it,” he states. “When I get good enough at the acoustic, I want to play electric. It will be fun to play on it, knowing that Keith played on it before he gave it to me.”

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