Sometimes when one door closes, another door opens. That is the case for people working in Belvidere. 

It was announced back in July that Chrysler was going to upgrade the plant so they could start producing the Jeep Cherokee.  Then a month later, it was announced that an added 500 jobs would come to the area as a supplier for the soon to be produced vehicle would be needed.

Now comes the bad news that 500 people will be losing their job because of Chrysler deciding to not make certain products at the Belvidere plant. According to WIFR TV, Android Belvidere, I.A.C. Belvidere and Ventra Belvidere will be closing next month.

The good news, according to the Mayor of Belvidere Mike Chamberlain, is that there will be another 1500 jobs that will be created and that workforce will be ready to go in the Spring of 2017.

"We're very grateful for the fact that Chrysler decided to build the Cherokee here. Because it really drove this expansion of suppliers. Because it's the singular model they are going to be manufacturing at this juncture, the size of the supplier network the number of jobs it provided are significant"

Here is the best news. The people affected by the supplier closing will get first looks when it comes to employment. To me, I am just happy to see more jobs coming to the area.