If your family is Jewish, and you've always had a hard time explaining to your kids why Santa Claus doesn't come to your house, Shmelf, the Hanukkah Elf is now here to save the day.

I am not Jewish, but I've often wondered how parents make their kids understand their place in a culture where Santa, and now the Elf on the Shelf is everywhere.  Turns out it's a real problem that a Jewish parent and author by the name of Greg Wolfe is trying to conquer with his new book, Shmelf, the Christmas Elf.




Wolfe recently explained to Today Parents that the idea for the book came from a question his seven year old son Connor asked him; "does Santa even know I exist?"

The story is about Shmelf, a North Pole elf that take an interest in Jewish children and serves as "Santa's special ambassador to Jewish children" according to Wolfe. The character was created to show Jewish children they can still stay true to their own religion and traditions while still embracing the idea of Santa Claus.

Shmelf, the Hanukkah Elf is available on Amazon.com now for $16.99 or $9.99 for Kindle.