This just isn't right. How dare they!

A woman in Chicago is in hot water because she flew the Chicago Cubs "W" in front of her Chicago Condo.

Let's be honest, we all know if you live in a condo, you have to live by the condo bylaws, and if you don't, you get levied a fine by the condo association. But, c'mon, some rules are just plain stupid and are meant to be broken.

WGN-TV reports that West Loop resident and Chicago Cubs fan Lisa Ward received an e-mail from her condo association telling her she broke the rules because she the "W" banner off her balcony.

So exactly what rule(s) did she break? According to an E-mail obtained by WGN-TV:

  • Rule 6: Hanging of clothes, clotheslines, rugs, bedding, etc. on balconies is prohibited.
  • Rule 9: No advertisements or notices are to be displayed from decks and balconies.

Ward remains defiant, even though she could be fined $250.00. Both she and her husband are Cubs season ticket holders and have vowed to continue the fly the Cubs "W"

Check out her story: