Attention all Pokemon Go players. Listen up! The Illinois National Guard says "No" to you and the game.

With gamers out in full force trying to catch Squirttle, Jigglypuffs, Pikachu and what ever other character in the game of 'Pokemon Go', many are wandering all over different properties, facilities and other national landmarks.

One place (or place) they are banned from are any of the Illinois National Guard properties. In this WGN report the National Guard stated on Friday that the public isn't allowed on any of their properties through out the state. The game has made the Guard a Pokestop and Gym for their virtual game. They've reported many stopping at their gates asking to be let in to capture or fight characters.

"The ban covers Army National Guard, Air National Guard and Illinois Department of Military Affairs properties. It also extends to soldiers, airmen and federal and state employees working on the properties. However, an exception is being made for the Illinois State Military Museum."

"The Guard is actively working on having any of their properties and facilities removed for the game",stated by Public affairs director Lt. Col. Brad Leighton.

It makes sense for public and military safety, I'm just amazed that people would be dumb enough to ask to be let into or Guards grounds. Duh! People come on, use common sense here. It should be a given to not go into those places.

Not to sound like a conspiracy monger, but I can see how and where this game could become a potential terrorist plan or plot; using it as a vice to get into places to destroy, kill and hurt our soldiers and public servants.