Did you know that members of the Illinois General Assembly are among the highest-paid state legislators in the country? So, with our state still without a budget, should they be goofing around playing Candy Crush while in session in Springfield? Apparently, some lawmakers think so.

The Illinois Policy Institute reports that Illinois lawmakers earn:

  • $67,836 base salary
  • $111 per diem
  • Receive a pension at taxpayer expense

So, with that kind of salary and a responsibility to pass a budget and keep the State of Illinois running, the fact that some of our elected representatives were caught on camera playing video games during the time they are in session, should make every taxpayer very mad.

CBS 2 reports that two legislators were caught on camera playing video games during key debates. Some for as much as 20 minutes.

These individuals included:

  • Rep. Mike Smiddy (71st District in Whiteside County, includes Sterling)
  • Rep. Katherine Cloonen (from Kankakee)


Yes, Rep Cloonen was playing Candy Crush on the taxpayer's dime.

Nice going Springfield! Time for new representation!