If you've been feeling under the weather lately it could very well be the air we're breathing. Illinois was issued a dangerous air quality alert yesterday.

NBC Chicago reports that a "Dangerous Air Quality Alert was issued due to extremely high mold levels spanning throughout the Midwest."

Northwest University in Chicago "recorded the highest mold count, of over 70,000, early Wednesday morning that triggered the alert."

This is the second this year that mold levels had reached the high to warrant an alert.

With the levels that high the symptoms it causes range from "headaches,congestion, runny noses and fatigue."

What can allergy sufferers do when the mold levels are this high?

It's "recommended to stay indoors, keep the windows closed, use air conditioners and take allergy medicine for associated symptoms. Allergists also say rinsing nasal passages with saline solution and washing hair before bed could be helpful in counteracting allergic reactions."

Hmmm.. so basically our state besides being corrupt and broken is moldy too. Wow! that's so awesome. (yes, that's sarcasm right there.)

It makes me wonder if that's why my sinuses have literally felt like they've blown up? And, why I had to see the doctor... and now I'm on an antibiotic for the next week.

Thanks a lot moldy old Illinois. I really appreciate it. NOT!