An intense scene was a caught on video on Sunday as a driver of a red Mitsubishi traveled on residential streets in Northern Illinois, as his car was disintegrating.

A motorist was following, what appears to be an impaired driver, along residential and neighborhood streets of Aurora, Montgomery and Oswego Illinois. The driver of the vehicle, traveling along Rt 25, can be seen zigzagging though traffic and crossing the center lane, while his car begins to smoke and sparks can be seen coming from the passenger side front tire.

Eventually, the front tire is nowhere to be found and the driver is traveling on the bare rim, as smoke comes billowing out from under the vehicle. In fact, in part of the video, you can see a hubcap come off.

Ryan Scott via YouTube

At one point, the car turns around hand heads back on the road previously traveled and passes the spot where the driver lost his tire which is now on fire and smoke can be seen billowing out

Ryan Scott via YouTube


The observation vehicle following behind attempts, on several occasions to contact law enforcement, to put a stop to the madness. With police, nowhere to be found, the driver of of the red Mitsubishi eventually ends up in a ditch before police arrive. The the driver of the pursuit vehicle and some bystanders take matters into own hands to see that the driver is no longer a nuisance.

The driver of the vehicle behind the Mitsubishi described the situation this way:

... driver in the red Mitsubishi was already riding on the rim of his wheel when we spotted him - we had previously observed tire fragments on the road. He swerved carelessly and came very close to causing several accidents with other drivers.. He started fires, damaged public property and forced people off the road. Pedestrians, children and cyclists were present on the bike trails and on side streets. I followed him at a distance and filmed his destruction up until I saw an opportunity to stop him indefinitely. I immediately seized that opportunity to eliminate the possibility of further damages to property or injury to bystanders.

Eventually, police arrived after the keys to the offending vehicle were removed by the bystanders. No word on what, if any charges were brought against the driver.

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