Kelly Ripa is having a blast with her substitute co-hosts, but we all know she has to settle on someone new soon.

According to NBC Chicago, a Chicago-area native actor may be on his way to fill Kelly's open seat.

Fred Savage, famous from his days as Kevin Arnold on "The Wonder Years," has frequently co-hosted with Kelly, and Las Vegas oddsmakers are putting their money on Fred for the permanent position.

He is scheduled to host with Kelly three times this coming week, next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (July 13-15).

The only person leading him according to those Vegas odds, is Anderson Cooper, who was rumored to be Kelly's favorite choice as soon as we heard Michael Strahan was leaving.

Fred lived in Glencoe, IL before moving to California to star in "The Wonder Years."

Other top contenders include: Andy Cohen, Josh Groban, Alec Baldwin, Seth Meyers, Mario Lopez, Jeff Gordon and Erin Andrews.