If you happened to hit the snooze button way too many times this week, here are the questions and answers in our Early Bird Trivia contest. 

Wake Up Club Early Bird Trivia (Week of 8/8-8/12)

Monday: Everyone says you should never do this, but the average person does it 50 times per year anyways. What is it?

Answer: Eat Breakfast

Monday’s Winner: Dale From Machesney Park

Tuesday: Just about everyone has one of these at home, but one in five are totally useless. What are they?

Answer: Doorbells. Just over 20% of homeowners have broken bell--and most have no intention of fixing them

Tuesday’s Winner: Candy from Durand

Wednesday: According to a recent newsweek poll, 29 percent of Americans couldn't identify the person who does this somewhat important job by name. Who is It?

Answer: The vice-president. It's Joe Biden, by the way

Wednesday’s Winner: Leah from Rockton

Thursday: According to a recent survey, only one in four attached Americans does this on a regular basis. What is it?

Answer: Say "I Love You" to their partner. Twice as many say they text the thought, but don't say it.

Thursday’s winner: Jessica from Byron

Friday: 76 % of people making more than $100,000 per year say they "always" do thi. Only 40 percent of flks making under $10,000 per year say the same. What is it?

Answer: Vote

Friday’s Winner: Robin of Belvidere