Getting up early can be hard enough. Answering a question around 5:40 AM can be next to impossible. 

If you missed any of the questions this week during Early Bird Trivia, here are the questions and answers. Don’t forget to listen each weekday morning around 5:40 with Sean And Shannon.

Wake Up Club Early Bird Trivia (Week of 8/1-8/5)

Monday: About $50 million disappears each year because we do this. What is it?

Answer: Leave change in a vending machine

Monday’s Winner: Dave from Belvidere


Tuesday: When It comes to travel, 30% of women say this gives them a lot of stress--only 16% of men say it bugs them.

Answer: Packing for vacation

Tuesday’s Winner: Susan from beloit


Wednesday: 60% of brides say they dread this the most about their wedding day.

Answer: The Best man's speech

Wednesday’s Winner: Bill from South Beloit


Thursday: You are most likely to stop doing this when you turn 31. What is it?

Answer: Celebrating your birthday

Thursday’s winner: Stacy from Thompson


Friday: The organizers of the Olympic games stopped doing this in 1912--much to the dismay of athletes. What is it?

Answer: Handing out solid-gold "gold medals"

Friday’s Winner: Jamie of Loves Park