Here is a tip if you ever want to be a famous director of a movie: Don't leave things behind. 

A Northern Illinois Student in DeKalb has been arrested and charged with "Disorderly Conduct" after he mistakenly left a prop he used to shoot an amateur movie in a dryer.

According to the DeKalb Il Police Department Facebook Page, the DeKalb police department received a call on Sunday night  from a resident who lives at 408 N. Annie Glidden Road. Officers came to the complex and found the package inside the dryer.

They evacuated the complex, which housed three buildings. The tenants were placed at a location on the campus of NIU.

During the evacuation, 26 year old Kenneth Wojcicki claimed he was the one who placed the package in the dryer. He was quoted as saying that he was an amateur filmmaker and that he forgot to take the prop back with him.

Then the Kane County Bomb squad came and determined that the package was not hazardous and residents can come back to their apartments.

So what happened to Kenneth? He was arrested and charged with "Disorderly Conduct" He posted bail and was released.

Do you think this is a bit much for someone who is trying to live his dream out? Or do you think he was negligent with his props?