Hatchimals are THE must-have toy for Christmas 2016, and unless you want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a toy that should could cost way less, you are going to have to wait until January to get your hands on one, OR  you could do these two things.

JB Love and I both have littles in our house, and none of them, thankfully, are asking for Hatchimals this year. I do believe though if my three-year-old daughter saw what a Hatchimal actually does, she would be all about it. JB and I are also going on the record saying that if our kids did want one for Christmas this year we would NOT being participating in the madness of getting one. (Likely story, right?)

Anywho, if your child desperately wants a Hatchimal from Santa this year, here's two things you can do to get you by until one actually arrives in your home.

  1.  Have Santa send your child a message explaining why there Hatchimal will be arriving late by signing up here.
  2. Make your own...


Seriously, you know what sounds even better? Winning a Hatching for free that will be delivered by Santa himself from Q98.5. Sign up now here, and good luck!