So you send someone a friend request on Facebook and never hear back from that person, bummer. But let's be honest, you probably forgot about it anyway. Ahhh, but there is a way to see who is blowing you off.

Let me be honest, I rarely ever friend others and I can't stand rejection, but get friended all the time.

Now, don't get mad, but like Tracy Lawrence once sang, its a way to "Find Out Who Your Friends Are", at least in the social media spectrum.

Here is how to find out who is ignoring your friend requests from your laptop or desktop computer.

You can also do this on a mobile device, here's how

I checked, and I have three people who have not responded. Obviously,  they are not my friends, and who knows they probably don't shore my appreciation of Doritos like i do, so they are not meant to be my friends and I'm sure they are losers, any way.

My pity party ends here. La la la la la....