Emotions are still running high from this year's Presidential election, so if talking politics with your turkey isn't something you are game for, you better have your distraction game planned early. Perhaps some of these ideas would work.

I truly hate talking politics. I only like happy conversations and fun gossip, especially on family holidays. I do, however, foresee some heated political opinions at my family's Thanksgiving table this year. Although I have absolutely no intentions of participating in these conversations, I prefer to have my turkey without a side of bad hair. So I have a game plan for this year's turkey talk; anytime someone starts mentioning something political, I will create a diversion using one, or all of these tactics if necessary.

  • Start a conversation about who is annoying on Facebook. ( Trump and Clinton related stories are outlawed)
  • Fake a bathroom or child diaper situation.
  • Volunteer to do dishes and begin clearing plates. (They're not done eating? Oh well, it's their punishment for talking politics)
  • Make up a life/work problem that you need help with.
  • Talk Christmas and/or Christmas shopping plans.
  • Invite the kids to the table.
  • Talk about the Blackhawks or Cubs.

If you feel like you need more conversation diversion ideas for your Thanksgiving feast this year, here's 13 more from Redbook.