SOASTA, a research group from California, recently released a survey that determined 40% of Moms are left disappointed on Mother's Day. To me, that's a real bummer and something we need to remedy ASAP!

I do realize that not everyone has a wonderful relationship with their Mother, but if you're going to take the time to honor her this Sunday, do it right.

Avoiding Mom's disappointment doesn't require throwing down a bunch of cash on something super extravagant. I think I can speak for most Moms when I say, the amount of money spent is not impressive, it's the thought behind the gift that is.

If you want to ensure Mom is happy this Mother's Day DO NOT:

  • Buy the obvious last minute gift such as wilting flowers; the last card on the rack (example: a "To Mom from your baby" card when you're an adult); or a cracked "World's Greatest Mom" coffee mug. All lame.
  • Be the father that favors and spoils your own mother way more than the mother of your children. It hurts.
  • Get the gift that isn't thoughtful. Your Mom may like coffee, but that cracked "World's Greatest Mom" coffee mug is thoughtless. Unless you decorate/make the mug yourself with your own personal touch, then it's thoughtful.
  • Give a gift based on need. Your mom may need a new garbage can or blender, but that doesn't mean she wants it for Mother's Day. You suck if you do this, even if Mom asks for it. It's like saying, "Mom, when I think about how much I love you, and how thankful I am for what you have done for me, I think of garbage." No, no, no!
  • Stop celebrating the day after you sign the check for brunch. Your mom wants to spend time with you. Indulge her.

As a mother I can tell you this, try to make Mother's Day way more special than her birthday, because to a mother, it is. Find a way to honor her sacrifices, her support, and her unconditional love. Give her something to cherish and remember. We're not as hard to please as you may think.