If you are are like most Cubs fans you have been counting down the Chicago Cubs magic number and the postseason is already on your mind. What's next? You gotta get your hands on tickets for the playoffs at Wrigley. Here's how

After the most spectacular regular season most Cubs fans have ever witnessed, you can bet these tickets are going to be the hottest item any Chicago sports fan has yearned for in recent memory.

The Cubs have announced open registration for fans to get 'the chance' to buy single game tickets for postseason games at Wrigley Field. Here is how it will work.

For each 'potential' playoff series registrations will open, series by series, starting with a 'potential wild card series'. Although, as unlikely as it sounds that the Cubs will be forced to play a wild card game, registrations will start there. Random drawings will take place for the opportunity to purchase tickets for each series. Click HERE for the official Cubs post season ticket registration form.

NBC5 reports that last year approximately 1.2 million people registered for the purchase opportunity last year. This year the number is expected to be much higher, so you will have some competition.

Additional announcements will be made via the Cubs website for each subsequent playoff series, including the first round where the Cubs will likely have home field advantage.

Go Cubs!