It was my first Halloween in Rockford. I was certainly impressed with one house in particular.There is a house that is located on Rome street. It is not that far off the road from East State Street. I had someone tell me that every year they have this huge spider in their yard. I was around the area and decided to check it out.

I was REALLY impressed with the way this house was decorated. First was the huge cob web that is the biggest yard display I have ever seen.

Jill Boloski

Then there is the huge spider on the house and the best thing I noticed was the images of ants that filled up the windows. There was also a zombie fighting vehicle that they had on display.

Then there was the house next to it. As I was walking to it, I noticed all of these headstones with different sayings. Then walking back a strange character with a slight limp was following me. Needless to say, I had to turn around and get a picture with this person.

Jill Boloski

There was something else I noticed this Halloween. All of the adults who dressed up this year. It was fun to see adults have as much fun as the kids.

I am looking forward to next Halloween. Hopefully the weather will be just as good.