Ever been on vacation and got paid for it? That can be a reality if you go this route. 

Royal Caribbean International out of the United Kingdom is giving one lucky person a chance to be an "Extraordinary 'intern-ship'".

During the Summer this year, you have a chance to go on three different cruise ships that Royal Caribbean sails.

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Ovation Of The Seas

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Anthem Of The Seas

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Freedom Of The Seas

Travel, housing and daily expenses are all included. You will also receive $3,000 in cash, and access to everything that Royal Caribbean offers to its passengers.

What do you have to do while on these cruises? According to the website:

"The successful candidate will be responsible for finding and documenting the extraordinary on a daily basis via Instagram"

For three weeks during June and July, you will take pictures all around the world and post them on Instagram. Not a bad gig for the summer.

To sign up and try to win, click here.