We all know Bill Murray is a huge Cubs fan. We also know he starred in one of my favorite movies "Ghostbusters". Now, a fellow music man has made the ultimate mix to both. 

I used to work with a friend named Nick in the radio business back in Peoria. He is a die hard Cubs fan (we all can't be perfect lol). One of his big passions is music. He produces his own mixes.

Since I am in the middle of Cub Country, I thought you would like to hear a sweet track that takes the best audio from the Cubs over the years and mixes it with the theme song to one of the hottest movies in the 80's.

Now, for your listening enjoyment.

It is great that the name of the song includes what Cub fans have been saying for a long time. The goat is the curse. Now, there is no more blaming the goat.

If you like what you heard, check out his soundcloud page here. He has other remixes of Cubs songs.

You can also follow him on Facebook here.