Were you awake enough this week to play along with us?

If you happen to miss any of the Morning Perk questions this week, here they are along with the answers and the lucky contestants who won.

Don’t forget, we play each weekday morning around 6:40.

Wake Up Crew Morning Perk Trivia (Week of 9/12-16)


Monday: According to a new survey of women, 82% of them admit they do this before the leave the house. What is it?

Answer: Look in the mirror.

Winner: Dora of Freeport

Tuesday: 4% of  women spend 6-10 minutes a day doing this. What is it?

Answer: Put on makeup

Winner: Diane of Roscoe

Wednesday: According to a new study, men outnumber women 79% of the time. Where is it?

Answer: Television

Winner: Cristenia of Rockford

Thursday: 6% of Americans will play this sometime this week, down slightly from a month ago.

Answer: Pokemon Go

Winner: Jenny from West Chicago

Friday: A new survey has found that 24% of drivers admit to committing this act at least once. What is it?

Answer: Park in a handicaped space

Winner: John of Machesney Park