I think I've seen it all in the world of strange and unique foods. This weekend you can get yourself a gold covered donut.

DNAInfo reports that this weekend you can purchase for just the mere cost of $100 a Cristal infused and 24K gold leaf covered donut at the "Kultra Festival on Sunday at Emporium Arcade Bar, 2363 N. Milwaukee Ave."

These donuts known as the Golden Cristal Ube Donut, are a creation of the Manila Social Club in Chicago. The donuts are made with a cup of Cristal champagne, ube (a purple yam), with a Cristal glaze then they're coated in 24K gold leaf.

They say the edible gold doesn't do anything to enhance the flavor but you can definitely taste the Cristal.

Honestly, if you're going to use the high end champagne of Cristal, that can cost about $200 or more a bottle, then it makes sense to cover it in gold leaf.

I guess the question is why?

I'm willing to try just about anything, but frankly paying $100 for one donut mind you, not a full dozen, just for one is way too much money in my book.

Maybe if you get 5 people to split the donut with, then you'd each contribute $20 for a taste of it. That's still rather expensive but at least you're not out $100. Especially if it tastes nasty.

I remember trying Cristal and I didn't like it. I though it was rather dry and bitter. I like the sweeter champagnes and sparkling wines. Which of course are most definitely cheaper.

Would you eat this? I mean if you had $100 just to blow on one donut?

Oh and by the way, if you're interested in going to this unique food festival it's from "11 a.m.-6 p.m this Sunday. Tickets are $20, with discounts for seniors, students and kids. You can pay at the door but advance ticket-holders get priority access into the festival." For more information about the Kultra Festival, click here.