A former RPS 205 teacher helps Rockford's schools by raising funds in a unique way. Using his books.

Retired Rockford Public School teacher, Theodore Abbgy, told WREX that he wanted to give back to his school by raising funds through his book "Last Fish in Florence".

After teaching in the Rockford Public School system for 37 years, Mr. Abbgy turned to writing. Now that his book has been published he held a book signing on Sunday at his former School, R.E.S.A.

Mr. Abbgy wants to give back to help the schools provide scholarships for field trips for needy kids who otherwise wouldn't have the funds to go.

The book, "Last Fish in Florence", is about a man trying to catch a fish in Florence County, Wisconsin.

If you'd like to help Mr. Abbgy in his endevour to raise funds you can purchase his book here.

Wow! I guess it's true once a teacher always a teacher in wanting to help students reach the full potential.

I think this is great way of giving back and doing a good deed for the community.