It is hard to imagine, but the kids are going to be going back to school soon. What if you could save money on school supplies?

SC Johnson has come up with five different ways you can save money on supplies for school. Even if you bought the supplies for the upcoming school year, these tips will come in handy next year.

1. Spiral Notebooks:

Kids will bring home notebooks of the spiral kind that are partially used. Teachers will always ask students to get new ones for the following year. Why not just tear out the used pieces of paper and use the same notebook? Then you also have scratch paper for the pieces that have writing on only one side.

2. Crayons and Colored Pencils:

The same things is true when you have crayons and pencils that are used, but not the ones that are untouched. Take the ones that have never been used, put them in a bag and save them. Then, if anyone ever needs crayons or pencils, you have them.

3. Glue:

The good old fashion bottle of glue is a mainstay at schools. If you have half empty bottles, combine old ones so your kids will have a full bottle. Just think how much money you will be saving if you don't have to buy glue every time you go to the store.

4. Backpack:

This is one that drives me crazy. Every year, kids will want a new backpack. The reason: they never last. If you spend the money on a well made backpack, you won't have to spend the money every year for a new one. If there is a hole in it, take some fun material and patch it up.

5. Pencil Case

This is a simple one. Just buy a sturdy pencil case and decorate it each year with different items that will make it look cool.

Have fun shopping and remember to save money when you can.