As the daughter of a teacher I spent years listening to my Mom complain about parents and their ridiculous behaviors. A school year will go by much smoother if you do your best not to be one of "those parents". Here's 5 ways to get that done. 

A teacher and author named Jessica Lahey recently told Today Parents that "the most important thing parents can do to get off on the right foot with a teacher is to show up on the first day of school with an attitude of optimism and trust."

Ask any teacher, and they will tell you the same thing. These five things are critical for building a good parent/teacher relationship according to Today Parents :

  1. Respect teachers as human beings and as professionals. Don't trash your kid's teacher in front of them. Your kid comes home from school with a crazy story or issue? Get both sides of the story before taking action.
  2. Do your homework. Be the nosy parent and check your kid's backpack for homework assignments and other important info to stay in the know.
  3. Make yourself available for parent/teacher conferences, and actually show up. No brainer here. These meetings benefit your child, so make the time. If you really can't make it, be courteous and let the teacher know.
  4. Get real about your child. Be real with the teacher about your child's struggles. Your kid's not perfect, and it's o.k. to admit that.
  5. Volunteer in whatever way you can. Teachers get it, everybody has a busy life. Maybe you can't show up for every field trip or plan every classroom party, but there are little things you can do at home that really help out. Just ask.