If you have been living underneath a rock the last few days, the Chicago Cubs will be facing the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. It has been since 1945 the "Lovable Losers" have been to the dance. I figured that a lot has gone on since the last time the Cubs made it this far. What are those things that are different? Here are five things that have changed since the year 1945.

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1. A gallon of gas back in 1945 only cost fifteen cents. Now, a gallon of fuel is over $2.19. That is one thing that everyone would agree could be cheaper.


2. There were only 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska were not admitted into the Union till 1959.


3. Ticket prices for the World Series were much cheaper. According to the Chicago Tribune:

"World Series tickets at Wrigley Field had a face value of $7.20 for box seats and $6 for grandstand reserved, the equivalent in 2016 of $96.57 and $80.48.

Brokers ahead of the series opener told the Tribune they were asking $50 (or $670.63 today) for the box seats and $25 ($335.32 today) for grandstand reserved, but prices reportedly were at least half that before game time."



4. Back in 1945, there was no microwave to reheat things. That wasn't invented till the following year and that was an accident. Here is the story on how the microwave was invented in 1946.

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Back in 1945, there was no television coverage of the World Series. That didn't happen till 1947. And that was in black and white.

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Bonus: The Cubs didn't play night baseball till 1988. When they played back in 1945 is was all during the day.

It took them 71 years to get this far. Now, for all my fellow Cubs fans who waited this long, I hope you make it all the way. And #FlyTheW