Blood. It is something we need as humans to live. What happens if you lose blood? You receive it in the hospital. What happens if there is no blood to be received? That is a problem that is real. 

I have been donating blood since I was able to at the age of seventeen. With my blood type being O negative, anyone can receive my blood. Now, it is your turn to help.

Here are five reasons why you should consider donating blood according to the Rock River Valley Blood Center:

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1. This is a very scary fact. There is at least one person who needs blood in the world every two seconds.

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2. The actual process of giving blood takes less than 10 minutes. Before you give, there are papers you sign and some painless questions to be asked. The process itself is easy and you won't be bored.

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3. The two types of blood that are often short are O and B type bloods. Since I am O negative, my blood can be used for anyone. I can only receive blood from people who are O negative.

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4. Cancer, transplant and trauma patients, and patients undergoing open-heart surgery often require platelet transfusions to survive. My mom received my blood when she was going thru her breast cancer fight.

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5. Most of the health care is dependent on healthy blood being donated by people like you. If there is an accident or a person who suffers severe burns and needs blood, then the blood supply is so desperately needed.

Here is a half a food! After you donate blood, they allow you to have some delicious treats and drinks. Not bad for doing something for free.


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Are you willing to help? There is an event that not only can you help out the blood supply in the area, but you can also help out the hungry and win some cool stuff as well.