This year, the Hatchimal is the toy that all kids want to have Santa deliver to them this year. But wait, what about adults? 

I have two kids who are all grown up, so I don't have to worry about the Hatchimal craze. But, I started to think about what kind of fun I would have with the hottest toy of the season.

Here are five reasons why adults should own a Hatchimal:

1.  You can win money off of it 

According to the how to video on the Hatchimal website, you don't know what animal you have until it hatches. What about making a friendly wager (please don't do what this business did) and see if you can win a few bucks for some extra alcohol. Maybe your significant other needs a new pair of shoes. There are other events that you can wager on, like how many times in an hour your Hatchimal will want to play. Whatever you decide to bet on, it will be a win for everyone.

2. The Hatchimal Drinking Game

You are sitting around with your friends, bored on A Saturday night. That won't happen if you play the Hatchimal Drinking Game. Every time the animal laughs, everyone has to take a shot or drink. Here is another game. When the Hatchimal is old enough, it will be able to talk. Tell it what you want to say, and then let your friends guess what it is. If they are wrong, then it another drink. If they get it right, then you have to drink. One more game involves the color of the eyes. If during the time the Hatchimal is in the egg shell, and the color of the eyes turning a certain color, then that determines what you drink. Blue=vodka, Orange=Tequila and so on.

3. Tax Writeoff

I know this isn't going to be possible, but it still would be fun to see if someone decided to claim it on their taxes as a writeoff for either a dependent or maybe they could say that it was part of their work. I know, a far stretch, but I'm sure someone will try something silly with it.

4. A Built In Babysitter

Who wouldn't want to get in a 30 minute nap while you are taking care of kids! This is a built it babysitter. The Hatchimal will entertain kids of all ages and you don't have to do a thing. I do not suggest using this while you go to the store. There has to be some common sense in this.

5. A Cheap Date

If you no longer want to deal with cats or any animals and want some fun entertainment, then the Hatchimal is for you. Once you buy it, it won't be asking for food or drinks. It will also want your attention. If you want to put it away, then you can have the pleasure of ending things early.

No matter if you are an adult who wants to have one for themselves, or the real reason why you would want to win it, which is for your child to enjoy, then you certainly need to sign up to win this one of a kind toy.