If you're like me you might be wondering what is it about cosplay that it's become so popular? Why is it such a big deal?

Well, I found five very good reasons why?

According to Quora.com cosplay has many reasons to why so many are getting into it.

1. Fandom: You show your love and appreciation for a particular character. It's a way of paying tribute to say Thor, Batman, the Pink Power Ranger.

2. Escapism: It's you're way of escaping everyday real life and become one with the character you love. You get to be someone else for a day. It's like Halloween, but you don't have to wait until October 31st to dress up. I get that. It's fun dressing up in character. I loved the birthday party I went to recently that was Star Wars themed. I went as a female Han Solo.

Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia

3. Attention: Some who dress in cosplay of their favorite characters is because they like the attention they get. It will definitely draw a crowd. Come one don't tell me you've not stopped to look at someone walking around in a Superman or Spiderman costume. I bet you even took and posted pictures of you with the costumed character.

4. Belong: For some who dress in character, they like the sense of community and belonging they get from other cosplayers. You all have a common or shared interest. You know the girl who cuts my hair is into the characters at the Bristol Renascence Fair. She and her friends go to Bristol dressed in renascence type characters several times a year. They think it's fun when people ask them questions as if they work their.

5. Craftsmanship: Have you ever looked a true cosplayers costume?. If they are really in tuned to their character their costume will be designed almost down to the "T" of the fictional characters outfit. They take pride in the design, layout and creation of sewing together these almost exact replicas of the character they are role playing. It's a hobby that they enjoy.

Hmm, ok now I get it. I never looked at cosplay from all those five angles at one time. It makes sense.

Now it makes me really interested in going to Geek'd Con 2016 coming up this October 1st and 2nd to see just what cosplayers will come out. Which characters will they be? I want to see who has the best costume. If I get a chance I'd love to ask them why they picked that character to be, what got them into it and basically why they do what they do.

Speaking of which if you are a a cosplayer you are more than welcome to join us at the Mercy Indoor Sport Center on Riverside Boulevard that weekend of October 1st and 2nd.

There's going to be all kinds celebrities to meet, plus fun, filled with comic books, cosplay, art, games, and more!

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