If you are a dog lover, then you not only have a great companion, but your overall health could be improved. 

The folks at Bustle have come out with the top five reasons why owning a dog would benefit your health.

1. They decrease stress levels

"Studies have found that dog owners have lower heart rates and lower blood pressure. And dog owners tend to be in better physical shape because they need to walk or run their dogs every day. And exercise is a great stress reliever."

2. You won't be as depressed

"A 2006 study from the University of Portsmouth found that taking care of a dog reduces the risk of depression. All that unconditional love they give is pretty special."

3. If you have a dog, you kids may not be as allergic as other people when they get older 

"When kids grow up with dogs, their immune systems are stronger and so is their risk for allergies."

4. Dogs have a sense of Cancer and other diseases

"How tuned in are dogs? Research has shown that they are able to detect cancer, low blood sugar, and even seizures before they happen."

5. If you are more social, you may have a dog

"A Warwick University study found that 40% of dog owners said they made friends more easily because of their dog."

If these reasons are good enough to bring home a dog to your home, I have the perfect place you can go to adopt one. I wrote an article about the Winnebago County Animal Services holding a fee waiving adoption event.