It is December and we haven't seen the fluffy white stuff falling from the sky. That will all change starting tomorrow. 

National Weather Service Chicago

According to the National Weather Service in Chicago, the first accumulating snowfall of the 2016-2017 Winter season will take place tomorrow.

The snow is expected to start overnight and continue into the day tomorrow. According to the map, Rockford is expected to see anywhere between 1-3 inches, although the latest forecast on the Rockford, Illinois forecast page on the  NOAA website says something else.

National Weather Service

For our friends to the south, they will see a little less snow. Rain will also be mixed with the snow in the onset.

National Weather Service

For you who live north of Rockford, especially in Beloit and Janesville, you will see more snow on the ground. 3-4 inches of snow is expected.

Since this is the first snowfall of the year, it is always a good reminder to share some winter driving tips. If you have any plans tomorrow to go shopping or to visit family and friends, make sure to drive safe. Here are some tips from the AAA Exchange:

-Make sure to accelerate and decelerate slow on the pedal. Pushing the pedal hard will almost certainly cause skid outs.

-Drive slow. Everything on the roads will be slick and that means everything will take a little bit longer to do.

-Make sure your breaks are in good shape. Breaks that  are worn won't have the same traction and will be less effective in the snow.

-Allow more distance between you and the next person.

-Stay home. The best defense to driving in the snow is not going out at all. Take a look outside your cozy, warm place and enjoy that hot chocolate with your family.

As always, forecast can change within minutes. Winter weather is much harder to predict than severe weather year round. Be safe and enjoy what Mother Nature has for us.