Facebook is pretty powerful in getting the word around, even in this case of reuniting a family with their lost dog.

According to WGN the Shaw family were out boating "off the coast of Noank, along the Connecticut shoreline Sunday, when their 8-month Shiba Inu puppy, Rydewr, slipped out of his harness and into the ocean."

The family along with the coast guard and friends searched for hours but came up with nothing. Their little puppy was gone. Thinking that Ryder couldn't swim the family feared the worst and braced themselves to knowing Ryder had possibly drowned.

In a last ditch effort they posted on Facebook to see if anyone had seen Ryder in that area. After "almost 100 shares later, an equine vet saw [the Shaw's] post and another post in a Groton, CT lost and found pet group. The vet put the two Facebook posts together and realized someone found and rescued Ryder."

Ryder was found "swimming in the middle of the sound and was pulled into a boat."

See the post below from Phil Q Bigelow.


Aww... I love a happy ending. Doesn't that make you smile?

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