As we gear up for another weekend in Rockford, maybe you are thinking of what to wear out. Some things in your closet don't need to see the light of day. 

We all have things in our closet that we never wear. There are eight things that you should NEVER wear in public again, according to the website


1. Capes

Unless you want to be a hero that is super, there is no need for any adult to wear something like that in public. Especially at night.

2. Hammer Pants

That is a fad that went out back in the 90's, just like a certain rapper did at the same time.

3. Crocs

As much as those look comfortable, they look hideous on you and should only be worn in the privacy of your own house. Maybe outside if you house is fenced and they can't see you.


4. A Dress Shirt for "Going On The Town"

Why try so hard to get dressed up when your regular clothes will do just fine. Be yourself and have fun.

5. Shirts With Motivational Sayings

When I go to the gym, I feel that is more than enough motivation. I don't need some muscle guy wearing shirts that takes more than 5 seconds to read. A plain t-shirt no matter where you go is the way to go.

6. "Shape Up" Shoes

I will cut to the chase......they don't work. Regular shoes work just as well.


7. Sweater Vests

Cue the 90's please.

8. Cargo Shorts

I feel as if I need that many pockets to carry things around, I need to find a different hobby or find a way to not have so many things in my pocket. Khaki's are a nice alternative.

Hope this helps you when you decide to venture out of the house.