Dollar General deserves a gold star for helping teachers and students at Janesville's Madison Elementary with a generous donation.

WIFR reports that the Dollar General Store Distribution Center in Janesville reached out to Madison Elementary this week with a generous donation of $4,500 for the school to use for classroom materials.

"$2,500 of that is going to the school's library and literacy program and the rest is being given as $50 gift cards to teachers so they can buy supplies for their classrooms, without having to spend their own money"

Wow! I think that is so awesome. My sister is teacher and I seen and heard some of her struggles.

Although the job can be rewarding when you see the students learning and succeeding, it's also a thankless job at times. A job that sometimes doesn't always pay well yet, teachers will use their own money to purchase things for their classrooms. That can really add up so any little bit they can get to help them out, like those gift cards from Dollar General, is so helpful and a wonderful way to show them how much they're cared for and supported.

Dollar General you really did a good deed and supporting education the children and most importantly their teacher and educators.