Did you play along this past week and miss an answer to one of my Q98.5 Afternoon Mindbender questions? You can find all the answers for the past week’s trivia questions here.

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Monday’s Question: According to a recent survey, what is considered to be the Most Dangerous back to school item ?

Answer: A compass

Winner: Liz from Leaf River

Tuesday’s Question: Happy Internet Day today. What famous politician was criticized for claiming he invented the internet?

Answer: Al Gore

Winner: Mark From Winnebago

Wednesday’s Question: The objects most hit by vehicles are: ‘Other Vehicles’, What came in at #2?

Answer: Trees

Winner: Dawn From Rockford

Thursday’s Question: A new survey says that 40% of moms wear this when they drive their kids to school?

Answer: Pajamas

Winner: Jeannie from Rockford

Friday’s Question: 53% of households currently have one of these in their freezer.

Answer: TV Dinner

Winner:Brittany from Roscoe

Congratulations to all our winners!