A Sycamore man is very upset over an offensive note left for him and his family on Saturday, by a food delivery person for a DeKalb restaurant.

Charles Coulter posted a photo of the note, written in permanent ink, that was allegedly written and left behind on his home by a delivery driver for a local restaurant.

According to Charles, on Saturday he placed a order with a local restaurant for about $20.00 worth of food to be delivered to his home address.

Coulter says:

To splurge a little bit and order take out from (restaurant). I didn't have any singles so I tipped the driver $4 in quarters. Even after they charged a $4 delivery charge. Then I find this little note on our door frame.

The comment (F*** Y**) is scrawled in ink on the door frame.


Charles Coulter Via facebook

Coulter says he sent the restaurant a message through the restaurant's Facebook Page.  The restaurant initially responded and claimed "there will be a reprimand".

However, the restaurant's tone later changed. According to Coulter he received this message from a spokesman for the business owner:

Upon speaking with the owner I regret to inform you that we cannot give you a refund for you past order. He has spoken with the delivery driver again and he doesn't believe that this is something he would have done. If you have more substantial evidence that he did this please provide it. If you do we will get the police department involved to get his matter taken care of for you. If you need to discuss this with the owner I can give you his number.

So, it's okay to have your employee vandalize a customer's property because a customer gave the delivery driver a tip in quarters. Last time I checked, the U.S. quarter is legal tender in the United States.

The customer even went so far as to post a review of the business on Yelp. Let's just say the review is not too flattering.

Finally, Charles did hear from the restaurant's owner on Sunday night"

Final response from the owner, Once again we give our sincerest apologies, I have spoken to our delivery driver. He has been fired from this establishment. This will not reoccur.  Unfortunately, it is shocking that this occurred from him. It is something we never expected from him nor have we ever received complaints regarding his work or deliveries. Because, he is a grad student with an assistantship this this was never to be expected.

Don't get me wrong, working in food delivery is often a  thankless job, but a tip is a tip.  So, who was wrong here?

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