As the weather warms up and we start using more electricity to power appliances and air conditioners, consumers are always looking for ways to save. With that in mind, comes a stern warning from police.

The DeKalb County Sherri's Office has issued an alert to residents to DeKalb County residents regarding power company telephone solicitations.

Police officials say that they have received many complaints citizens in reference to power companies telephoning customers. During the call, the power supplier will attempt to lure and intimidate the customer to switch power suppliers.

This warning goes out to anyone in Illinois. Illinois allows consumers to select their power supplier independent of Commonwealth Edison. Consumers can choose their own supplier even though your electric bill still comes from ComEd.

Police warn that some of these businesses may be legitimate.

If they leave a message and you return their call it may lead to future aggressive calls. It is recommended that you do not call these companies back regarding your power bills.
In an effort to prevent future solicitation you can register on the "National Do Not Call List" and block solicitors from telephoning you.

Police advise citizens to register their phone number at

I have had my phone number on the list for years and still get these annoying calls. My advice, if you don't recognize the number, let the call go to voice mail and do NOT return it

These types of solicitation calls tend to be on the rise as the weather warms up, so whether you like in DeKalb County or any other part of the Stateline, exercise caution if if you receive one of these solicitation calls.