The Cubs are in the Worlds Series so what does Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant have to say about all the superstitions? He offers up deep thoughts on the matter.

According to NBC Chicago,  this is what Kris has to say, "This whole goat thing, it’s like: so what? Who cares...I’m petting goats. I just think it’s embracing whatever curses there are. No one believes in that. I don’t believe in superstition. I try to change up my underwear when I have a good game, so that there is no superstition. I don’t believe in that.”

Well alrighty then. We getcha!

OK, so maybe they weren't so deep. He cuts straight to the chase.

It's obvious, he's thinking about the game and not the superstitions. That's must be why he's so level headed, even in a time of great excitement as the Cubs and their fans haven't been to to point in 71 years. AND....When they win it all, the 108 year drought is sooo Oooo-vah!

Go Cubs! Let's do this!