David Ross and his pro partner Lindsay Arnold took it back to the 80's last night on Dancing With The Stars, and survived elimination thanks to Grandpa Rossy's smooth moves. 

Truth? I may be a little late to the lovin' Grandpa Ross game, but I've currently got it bad for the former Cubby. My crush began during the Cubs' World Series playoff run after watching so many interviews with David Ross and loving his genuineness and the way he carries himself. The crush got deeper when the Cubs won the World Series and you could really tell how much Ross loved the game. Now I'm nearly head-over-heels for Ross thanks to these smooth dancing moves....



and OMG this face...I just want to hug his neck!

Ok, I'm done, but please, for the love of everything Cubbie, keep voting for team "Lady and the Gramp" on Dancing With The Stars so we can all see them dance again, and again, and again. Thank you.