If you walk a dog, be on the lookout for someone intentionally leaving very dangerous treats for your pet dog.

Hampshire police have issued an urgent warning to residents about an incident that occurred this past weekend. Officials report that this past Saturday, they responded to a suspicious incident in the 2500 block of Fallbrook in Hampshire, IL .

A resident reported coming across a piece of deli meat wrapped with peanut butter and nails on the sidewalk. Police also reported a similar incident may have occurred on Rockport Rd. where another suspicious dog treat, containing nails was found.

The alert was first reported on Saturday night by a dog and cat rescue organization called "A Heart for Animals, Inc" based out of Huntley, IL.

A very important ALERT for anyone in the Hampshire area near Del Webb. Please be aware and keep your dogs safe:

Everyone be careful! These were found in my subdivision last night and this morning. It is lunch meat, wrapped with peanut butter around nails. One neighbors dog picked one up and he noticed right away and took it out of his mouth. Thankfully, he saw his dog pick it up. The police came out this morning after the 2nd one was found.

One would ask the obvious question: Why would anyone do this? You can see photos of the deadly nail-filled dog treats, HERE.

No matter where you are in the Stateline, it is important to watch what your dog picks up while walking your pet. Make sure you inspect everything. If you find anything out of the ordinary, you can call 847-683-2240 to report it.

Hopefully, police will find the culprits.