The Cubs made history Saturday night clenching the Pennant after 71 years and Cub fans want it noted. They're demanding the roof top counter reflect to show it.

DNA Info caught wind that Cub fans want the  "Eamus Catuli sign that has perched above Wrigley Field for 30 years" to be reset to reflect last Saturday night's Pennant win.

The sign was "first installed on the Lakeview Baseball Club rooftop" at 3633 N. Sheffield Avenue in 1996", and served as a "counter tracking the years since the Cubs won the division, pennant and World Series."

Eamus Catuli loosely translated in Latin means "Let's Go, Little Bears". The AC means "the year of the Cubs." It's been "00" years since a division title, and it had been 71 years since a pennant, until Saturday night."

The fans are wanting to see that middle numbers re-set to "00", to reflect the Cubs Pennant win and then all we need is one set left to change after 4 games.

Take a look at some of the tweets.

OK, now we (Cub fans) aren't asking that much, just a simple 00 to be added to the sign on "the oldest roof top bar" in Wrigleyville. Honestly, Lakeview Baseball Club, you should know better than to let this lapse. You're a part of Cubs tradition and history. Change the sign. Please!