Clowning ain't easy as it is, and now all the creepy clown sightings in Illinois area are making it real tough for local clowns who just want to make people smile to get work. 

So, clowns aren't exactly my favorite thing in the world, and if I saw one coming at me in the dark I would probably lose control of my bodily functions, but I've had it with these creepy clown stories. Too many people seem to be jumping on the clown bandwagon these days with one simple goal; to scare children, and that infuriates me. As one local clown, tells WIFR, don't kids have enough to be scared of these days?


Enough, is enough. Please, someone explain to me why anyone would want to pretend to be a child predator or deranged sociopath? Leave the kids alone, and leave the clownin' to those that make the children happy.