Here in the new year, new trends get started. Lets hope this is one of these trends that we won't see in Rockford.

I like to say that I keep up on fashion trends. Nothing over the top though. But, I did see something that I find ridiculous for a man to wear.

There is a website called Asos that sells men's Chokers. That is right, the accessory that is so popular with women is now becoming a fashion trend for men.


As you see in the picture above, that is a chain choker. The website that sells men's choker's also has a bandana choker. Wouldn't it be easier to wear the bandana on your head?

David M. Benett

This choker featured above has a hoop in the middle. Again, a men's necklace would look so much better.

So for the sake of fashion here in Rockford, please men do not wear chokers.