Just when you thought Samsung was ready to move on from the disaster of the Note 7 fires, disaster strikes again. 

According to the Washington Post, Samsung has stopped production of the Note 7 phones that were supposed to be replacement for the ones that caught fire because, they caught fire.

No, I am not repeating myself just to repeat myself. The phones that were replaced caught on fire again.

All of the major U.S. cell phone providers, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint have said that they will not be selling or replacing any of the phones till further notice. Although I went to Verizon's website and still see if for sale.

What could be worse for Samsung is the damage the company maybe facing. Bad publicity for one phone could be bad for all. In fact, a website called Recode pleads Samsung to forget about the Note 7 all together and start to repair it's name. 

According to the Post article, a website called the Verge says one of the phones that caught fire was in Texas.

"Daniel Franks was at lunch with his daughter and wife when their replacement caught fire while sitting on the table, he told The Verge in an interview. It had been replaced at a Best Buy store in late September.

Franks said that his eight-year-old daughter regularly plays Minecraft on the phone and wondered what could have happened if she was holding it or it was in his pocket or sitting on a nightstand."

Last month we reported that the Note 7 was being recalled. Now it looks as if the phone could be going away all together.

The notice from Samsung is here.