It isn't often that people here in Rockford think of earthquakes. It could happen, but the chances are greater in other places in Illinois.

WTVO TV had a story about a report that came out by the USGS. They are the ones that keep track of all the earthquakes in the United States.

The map shows that Southern Illinois has the greatest risk of seeing an earthquake that could be a large magnitude quake. That would be along the New Madrid fault. THe percentage that it could happen is only 2%. I remember when I was in school long ago and we actually had an earthquake drill.

Here are a few cases of when there were earthquakes in Illinois.

"The strongest earthquakes to hit Illinois occurred in 1968 and 2013. Both were rated a 5.4 on the Richter Scale. The 2013 McCook earthquake is the most recent to hit the state."

So do we have any worries here in the State Line? The answer is no.

Scientists are saying that there is no concern a major earthquake is going to hit this area at any time. That is good. I am not good with sudden movements.