An urgent alert was issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for all owners of all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices.

The government agency issued the warning in a press release on Friday urging  users to  turn off and stop charging all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices immediately.

Last week we reported that a number of users of the popular smartphone reported that the phone caught on fire. Batteries that overheated were reported and in some cases the phones caught on fire and exploded.

The warning states that:

This consumer warning is based on recent reports involving lithium-ion batteries in certain Note7 devices that have resulted in fires. These incidents have occurred while charging and during normal use, which has led us to call for consumers to power down their Note7s.

One user posted a video of his experience using his Samsung Galaxy Note7.

At this point, it has not been determined if users will get a replacement Galaxy Note7 or another phone.

More information is available here